Deleted File Recovery Windows

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How to Restore Deleted Documents?

It’s amazing how a single keystroke or mouse click can change your life. One false move can make hours, days or even life time’s work slip away in to digital oblivion. It only takes moment of carelessness or just bad luck to delete important data. But everything that disappears is not lost forever. These tips will help you to retrieve deleted files from any storage device with the help of file recovery tool. This tool is especially designed for Windows operating system users. If you have deleted the document on Windows OS hard drive, then before utilizing the software verify that the deleted documents reside in Recycle Bin or not. In most of the cases when you delete the documents they simply move on to Recycle Bin. Documents residing in Recycle Bin can be easily retrieved simply by using “Restore” option. If you do not find the document with in this area then make use of file recovery tool. By using this reliable File Recovery software, one can effectively perform Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, Windows 10 deleted file recovery and retrieve all the files with great ease.

As the storage space on any data storage device is limited, all most all the users prefer to delete unwanted documents in order to reuse the space for storing new documents. Under certain circumstances while clearing unwanted documents users accidentally delete important documents. Since documents deleted from external storage devices will not be stored in Recycle Bin, they cannot be restored later. If the back up copy of those files does not exist then user will lose those vital documents.

Documents deleted on Windows OS using Shift + Delete key combination and Windows command prompt commands (ERASE, DEL, DELTREE) will not be moved to Recycle Bin instead bypass the Recycle Bin leading to data loss. In addition to this emptying the Recycle Bin without checking its contents may lead to removal of mistakenly deleted documents residing in Recycle Bin.

Viruses infect and corrupt the data on any storage device. Virus replicates themselves and spread to all the files stored on the device making them inaccessible. So to get rid of viruses many people opt for anti-virus software. While performing anti-virus check fro virus if the program sense that the file is severely damaged by virus beyond repair then it deletes the file from the device. Then it will be appropriate solution to recover that deleted document. Due to anti-virus scanning if any of your important image file is deleted, then also you will be able to find it using this application.

When a file is deleted from any storage device it is not permanently erased instead the file pointer that points to the hard drive storage location of the file is deleted and that space is marked as “available” to store new files. The deleted file remains intact in the memory until you overwrite with new data. Once you overwrite with new data, then the deleted document will be permanently removed from hard drive and chances of recovering it gets diminished. So whenever you sense that vital documents are deleted from hard drive, stop storing any new files to the device and employ this file recovery tool to retrieve the files from the hard drive.

This application can retrieve Word documents deleted by antivirus on Win XP, along with PowerPoint, Excel and many other documents formats. It performs deep scanning of the storage device and retrieves deleted or lost files with the aid of various file attributes associated with the file. Other than deleted files it can also recover missing files from hard drive on windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and 2008. It is capable of recovering deleted files from flash drive, hard drive, external hard drives, USB drive, memory sticks. This software is programmed to recover files from FAT partition along with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and EXFAT partitions on Windows OS. Download and install the trial version of the software to evaluate the chances of recovery. If you are satisfied with the recovery results then purchase the software to save recovered results. If you have deleted doc files from Recycle Bin folder, you can have a look here to know more about such data loss disaster.

Follow these steps to recover deleted documents:

Step 1: Download and Install trial version of this software on your system and launch the sofware by double clicking on the desktop icon. After launching the software select "Recover Files" option from the main window.

Deleted File Recovery Windows - Main Screen

Figure 1 : Welcome Screen

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Step 2: Now a window pops up with two options namely "Recover Deleted Files" and "Recover Lost Files". Select "Recover Deleted Files" option in order to retrieve deleted documents. In the next window the software provides you with the list of the drives. Select the drive from which the documents are deleted and click "Next" to start recovery process.

Deleted File Recovery Windows - Recovery Mode Selection Screen

Figure 2 : Select Recover Deleted Files

Step 3: As soon as the recovery process gets over, you can preview the list of recovered files in a separate window by using Preview option.

Windows File Recovery Software - Preview Screen

Figure 3 : Preview Files

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