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How to Recover Files from Hard Drive?

Hard drive is a storage space used to hold huge amount of data. In every computer, there is a hard drive for storing information in a large extent. External hard drive is also useful to keep important information securely and easily. It is so popular to users because you can store & access data easily and can handle them efficiently. But, you may lose your data from hard drive due to some simple or unknown reasons. Then you may be tensed easily after this disaster. Don’t think too much, now you can Revive HD files in so many circumstances using Deleted File Recovery Windows software. It is so efficient in that you can utilize this utility to restore all data deleted as well as lost from your hard drive. Here are some mostly happened data loss situations that are resolved by this tool.

Primarily, you may delete your important information from the hard drive unintentionally. You may delete any unwanted file by simply hitting ‘Delete’ key or using Command line argument. You can restore them easily till they reside in the Recycle Bin. But, if you accidentally select ‘Shift + Delete’ keys or empty the Recycle Bin, then you don’t have the option to recover those files easily. Then what will you do find them back? The only way is to use this file recovery tool to undelete all information. For deletion, always keep in mind that, if you delete any file from external hard drive using simply ‘Delete’ key, then also files will be bypassed over the Recycle Bin. Then do not be afraid, you can efficiently apply this program to retrieve all deleted data from the external hard drive.

The file retrieval application is also applicable to get back lost information on the hard drive in various cases. Accidental formatting is one of the major reasons to lose data from the hard drive. When you reformat or change the file system of the hard drive, it may corrupt if any error occurs at that time. Then you need to use this program to revive files from the hard drive. Hard disk crash is another big reason of data loss from it. Unexpected power failure or removing of media files when it is running may cause file system corruption or hard drive crash. After file system corruption, all files will be lost from the hard drive. This advanced program provides a better result in deleted as well as lost file recovery on Windows 7, XP and all other versions.

Many times, installed anti-virus on your computer deletes files from your hard drive. If any of your files are infected by any external threats then it will be removed without any notification to you. This utility can assure you to restore Word files deleted by anti-viruse easily. Files from your hard drive get deleted due to improper cut and paste operation. In this process, if any interruption occurs at the time of paste operation there are more chances to lose that file. You can use this application to recover files on Windows as well as on Mac operating system. It supports restoration from ATA, PATA, SATA, IDE hard drives. Along with hard drive recovery, it can rescue files from iPod, USB flash drives, memory cards etc. If you want to restore data from your iPod, follow this link:

Follow these simple steps to retore HDD files:

Step 1: First, you have to download and launch the demo version of the utility. Click on "Recover Files" option from the Home Screen as shown in Fig A.

Revive HD Files - Home Screen

Fig A: Home Screen

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Step 2: In the next screen, you have to select the mode of recovery between two options "Recover Deleted Files" and "Recover Lost Files" as per your requirement shown in Fig B. Then in the next window you have to select the drive from where you need to retrieve files.

Revive HD Files - Mode Selection Screen

Fig B :Mode Selection Screen

Step 3: After completion of the recovery process, you can preview recovered files by using "Preview" option before saving that file.

Revive HD Files - Preview Screen

Fig C : Preview Screen

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