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Have you lost or deleted any Word file during anti-virus scanning on Win XP? Do you want to restore it back?

If you are facing the above mentioned problem then it is necessary for you to read this article carefully in order to restore your deleted Word files back to your system. Alike all other file types, MS Word document can also get deleted during anti-virus scanning if it has been infected by some external threat. Uncertainties like this type can takes place at any point of time but it is essential that you should be prepare for overcoming this type of problematic situation as soon as possible. Micorsoft Word file is one of the important documents as it is used more frequently for making business reports, content writing, college project, etc. Losing such important file unknowingly is very frustrating and irritating. If you have lost or deleted any Word document due to antivirus scanning then you can always recover deleted data from Windows HDD back by using reliable third party file recovery software.

Recovery of Micorosft Word file is not a big matter but selection of the recovery tool is very tough job. It is essential that you should carefully select the best and professional file recovery tool which can efficiently recover your deleted Word document in a healthy condition. One more thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to check the accessibility of the file in your system before you select any third party file recovery tool. In this context, you need to go to the search option and there you need to type the file name in order to locate your file. If in case you are not able to track the location of your file or your search result is negative then it is clear that you have deleted your file from your system. Therefore, in this condition, it is recommendable that you use any reliable third party file recovery software.

If you are confused regarding the selection of the file then I would like to overcome your dilemma by introducing our file recovery software. Try our software if you really want to achieve best recovery results. Our software has been appreciated and recognized by most of the prominent leaders of our industry as it is the best Deleted File Recovery Windows software.

The software for missing file recovery is the easiest and user friendly to use. Therefore, anybody having basic knowledge of computers can use the software. As files deletion due to antivirus scanning is instantly seen, one can surely go for lost file recovery software which can bring files deleted during antivirus scanning in easiest way and will display those files to user for preview before saving back those on system. This software is even capable to restore FAT partition data along with NTFS, ExFAT, NTFS5 partition data.

Reason behind deletion of Word file from Microsoft Windows XP by anti-virus program

During the course of an antivirus scanning, the anti-virus software will delete any application or any file if it detects any kind of threat attached to it. All virus-prevention and security software are not accurate, as they sometimes behaves in very unusual manner. Generally, antivirus scanning deletes only those files which are infected by some or the other external threat. Similarly, if any of your Word file is getting deleted due to anti-virus scanning then this is the only reason responsible for it. Usually, this happens only to protect your system from the attack of any external threat. But you don’t need to worry if you have lost a file due to antivirus scanning as there are several ways of restoring deleted files.

Keep an eye during scanning
The best method for restoring deleted files is to keep an eye during scanning process in order to protect your file from getting deleted. Usually, your software will suggest you the possible ways to overcome this problem. The software will suggest you three best option such as delete the suspected object, quarantine it or remove it forever from the system. But according to the experts, it is always better that you should quarantine it rather than removing it foe permanently.

Search for the infected object
If you think that your file has been deleted from its destination location then it is essential that you should search for it before using any third party file recovery tool. If the file has not been thoroughly removed, it might appear when you perform a basic search. Every Windows OS has an in-built search option. If you know the name of the object you are looking for then go ahead and type the name of the file into the search box option. If the search result is positive then you can locate your file easily. You might be amazed to discover that it has not been removed from your system, but it moved to some other location.

Check the Quarantine
If you know the fact that anti-virus software doesn't usually delete anything without authorization then definitely you will check the quarantine. If you antivirus program prompts that it has removed the threat successfully then it means that it has removed the threat from the stream of system operations. Quarantine is the best place to find the missing files. Most of the best anti-virus program has a folder named quarantine which contains deleted files. So before taking the help of any third party utility, it is essential that you check quarantine folder in order to restore your deleted file back to your system.

Even after this, if you are not able to retrieve your deleted MS Word file on Windows XP then I personally recommend you to use professional file recovery software. Our software has the capability of restoring deleted files which have been deleted during antivirus scanning. Moreover, our software supports recovery of files from all popular versions of Windows OS such as Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. In addition to this, it can restore shift deleted items on Vista and on other versions of Windows OS.


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Remarkable features of our Win XP file recovery software are:

Recover deleted files on Win XP following few simple steps

Step 1: Download and Install demo version of this software to your computer and launch the software by double clicking on the desktop icon. Click on the "Recover Files" option from the main window as soon as the software gets launched

Deleted File Recovery Windows - Main Screen

Figure 1 : Welcome Window

Step 2: After clicking on that, a new window will appear where you have to select any one recovery mode option between "Recover Deleted Files" and "Recover Lost Files" in order to begin the recovery process. Once you are done with the selecting recovery mode option, the software will immediately start its recovery process

Deleted File Recovery Windows - Recovery Mode Selection Screen

Figure 2 : Select Appropriate Recovery Mode Option Between Recover Deleted Files and Recover Lost Files


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Step 3: As soon as the recovery process gets over, new window will appear where you can preview the list of recovered files systematically in a separate window by using Preview option

Windows File Recovery Software - Preview Screen

Figure 3 : Preview Recovered Files

Some useful tips to avoid deletion of files in future

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