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Have you deleted any of your crucial file using the combination of Shift + Delete command key?

If you have accidentally deleted any of your important file using combination of Shift + Delete command from your Vista OS then you can always recover it back using best file recovery software which is also useful for data recovery on Windows 8. Generally, if you delete any file using Delete button the file moves to the Recycle Bin. You can always restore any of your deleted file from Recycle Bin folder until and unless it has not been deleted from the folder. But if you have used the combination of Shift + Delete command key then your file gets deleted permanently from its stored location. The deleted file will not get save to the Recycle Bin folder as the usage of Shift + Delete combination key deletes the file for permanently.

If you have faced the same problem then you can easily overcome your problem by following all the instruction mentioned in this article. Accidentally file can be deleted easily by using file recovery software. If you want to undelete any of your accidentally deleted file then I will personally suggest you to use reliable file recovery tool. If you don’t know any professional file recovery tool then I would like to introduce our file recovery software. Our software is the best and reliable file recovery tool compared to other freeware file retrieval utilities. Moreover, it can retrieve infected word files deleted by antivirus on Windows XP. Our software has been appreciated by most of the experts of our industry for its excellent performance. Moreover, our software uses advanced algorithms which make the recovery process more powerful and successful.

Shift + Delete scenario

When a file or folder deleted by using shift delete key then in that situation all data gets erase from hard drive. In this scenario Windows Operating System does not offer any option to retrieve deleted files and folders from storage media devices. Shift + Delete key is the permanent deletion procedure which can be beneficial when you want to delete any unwanted file for permanently but it can be a serious matter when your important file gets deleted for permanently. 

Basically there are two common ways of deleting any file

When files / folders are deleted using delete key: In this data gets erased from its original location and moves to recycle bin. In this scenario it is easy to undelete and restore the deleted file back to the system. You need to just open the recycle bin and you have to click on the <Restore> button in order to retrieve deleted items back to the system. Data will be restored at its original location, but this option is not available for permanently deleted files or shift deleted files.

When files are shift deleted: In this scenario, the files bypass the recycle bin and deletes the files. Now there is no way for you to access the deleted data or recover shift delete files via the operating system. Moreover, you cannot restore the deleted data back to its location using manual file storing procedure. In order to retrieve permanently deleted or shift deleted files you need to use the best file recovery software.

Note: When files / folders are shift deleted, the user will not able to view deleted files as internally the file system, in its record marks the entries of these files and folders as deleted. But the data that belongs to these files is still 100% intact and can be recovered successfully. Therefore, Shift delete recovery can still be performed successfully by taking the help of some reliable file recovery software.

If you have deleted any file accidentally using Shift + Delete combination key then it is my personal recommendation that you must try our software once in order to evaluate the working performance of our software. Our software is highly competent in recovering files without damaging the content of the source file. It also supports recovery of deleted documents from all renowned versions of Microsoft Windows OS such as Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. Therefore, this is the best recovery software that supports data recovery on Windows Operating System


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Outstanding features of our file recovery software are:

Restore Shift deleted files in just three easy steps:

Step 1: Download and Install free version of this software to your system and launch the software by double clicking on the desktop icon. Once the software gets launched, click on the Recover Files option from the main window in order to move on to the next processing level

Deleted File Recovery Windows - Main Screen

Figure 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: After that, you have to select any one recovery mode option between Recover Deleted Files and Recover Lost Files options in order to begin the recovery process. As soon as you click on any one recovery mode option, the software will immediately start its recovery process

Deleted File Recovery Windows - Recovery Mode Selection Screen

Figure 2 : Select Appropriate Recovery Mode


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Step 3: You can preview the list of recovered files in a separate window by using Preview option once the recovery process gets over

Windows File Recovery Software - Preview Screen

Figure 3 : File Previewing Window

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