Deleted File Recovery Windows

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Can you retrieve deleted files from a thumb drive???

Definitely yes!!! In fact lots of users still assume that once files are deleted from thumb drive, they are lost permanently and they cannot be recoverable. No that’s not right if you are one of them, it’s time to come out of your false speculation. Even though you don’t have any manual techniques to restore deleted files, you have plenty of data recovery tools available over internet to help you in your tough times. But you need to select reliable and read only software to get back deleted files from thumb drive. As long as your deleted files on thumb drive are not overwritten with new data, you have 100% chances to retrieve files from thumb drive. If you are in dilemma about choosing the correct software, then stop worrying…. Here is excellent file recovery software, which is specially designed to retrieve deleted files on Windows computer on your own without taking the help of data recovery service.

However, you need to know what happens after deletion of files from thumb drive. Even though files are unseen on thumb drive, they are not actually deleted from disk space on thumb drive. That is because after deletion, only file entries or links are erased from file allocation table marking the deleted file space as free or reusable on thumb drive. But deleted file content is untouched, until and unless they are not overwritten with new file content. Hence they can be easily recovered by employing professional tool like file recovery software. This software will help you to get back deleted documents from thumb drive including MS Office files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access and other files), PDF files, emails, Zip archives, photos, videos, music collection, downloaded software’s and other file types by using their unique file signature.

Major causes for deletion of files from thumb drive are:

After deleting files from thumb drive, some users search Windows Recycle Bin with little hope to find them there. But they get disappointed, when they cannot see any of deleted files in Recycle Bin. This is because the files deleted from external drives like USB thumb drives will not be moved to Recycle Bin, instead they bypass Windows Recycle Bin and get lost from the computer. In such condition, remember you have file recovery software to help you to rescue and restore your deleted files from thumb drive in an easy and secure way. In addition to deleted files, you can also restore missing files from thumb drive after reformatting, sudden removal from computer, file transfer errors, corruption of thumb drive, and so on.

Undelete files from thumb drive through file recovery software

File recovery tool is designed by recovery experts, who have years of experience in data recovery field. It uses advanced scan engine to search and recover around 280 different file types from variety of storage drive. The file recovery tool can be used to get back files from variety of thumb drive brands such as SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, HP, Lexar, LaCie, Dell, etc. It is an efficient tool to recover image files from hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards and iPods on Windows PC. It will let you recover delete files from DOS command prompt on Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008 operating systems

It comes handy with an interactive graphical user interface, which helps users to do deleted file recovery from thumb drive without having any prior technical knowledge. To know how it works download and install the trial version of file recovery software on your Windows PC. Launch it and follow the simple steps to undelete files from USB thumb drive in few mouse clicks. After the recovery process, it will display the list of recovered files on its user interface and you can utilize these recovery results to measure the performance of this file recovery software.

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STEPs recover deleted files from thumb drive are:

Step 1: Download and Install demo version of the file recovery software to your system and launch the software by double clicking on the desktop icon. As software gets launched, click on the "Recover Files" button from the main window.

Recover Deleted Files from Thumb Drive - Initial Screen

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step 2: Now select any one recovery mode option among "Recover Deleted Files" and "Recover Lost Files" to commence the recovery process. Since you need to get back deleted files, click on "Recover Deleted Files" option. Select thumb drive to scan and quickly start its recovery process.

Recover Deleted Files from Thumb Drive - Select Appropriate Option Screen

Figure 2 : Select Applicable Option of Recovery Mode

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Step 3: After the end of thumb drive file recovery process, one can view the list of recovered files before saving, in a separate window by using "Preview" option.

Recover Deleted Files from Thumb Driv - Preview Window

Figure 3 : View Files Before Saving, That Have Been Recovered